Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Quick Update

Since my trip to Utah, we haven't had any major events going on in our lives, but it still seems like we have been pretty busy lately. Here's what we have been up to:

--We spent a weekend babysitting for a family in our ward with three boys under the age of 6. It was definitely a nice little glimpse into what the life of a mom is like!

--I got my haircut. I realized that I haven't told any of my friends or family this yet but I did! It feels sooo nice to have it short again especially with summer getting closer.

--We have been playing on a coed outdoor soccer team. It feels so good to be playing soccer again and OUTSIDE! Fun fact: Two weeks ago we lost our game 3-2 BUT Jeff scored both of our goals and I assisted both of them!

--I had a fun girls night with some girls in the ward. Always good to have some girl time.

--I bought a sewing machine!! With that new toy and my knitting I have been working on lots of crafts. Someday I'll actually finish something and show you all what I have been making.

--We spent Easter up at the Thompson's house egg hunting and enjoying a delicious ham dinner.

--I have been really enjoying being in the nursery at church. It is usually pretty overwhelming since we have about 12 two year olds every Sunday (and that is only half of the nursery!). But I feel like I am learning a lot and the kids are just so cute.

That's about it for now. This weekend we head to the Bay Area for Alysse and Cody's wedding. Then Jeff has finals and will be done with his first year of law school mid-May! I don't think I have ever been this excited for summer and I am not even in school anymore. I just can't wait to actually spend time together on a regular basis.

And I promise I'll have more interesting posts soon...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Away

As always, my weekend in Provo was such a fun time with such great friends!

Thursday, March 31

Jeff took me to the airport for my flight that was at 10:00am. My flights went well and Emily was kind enough to pick me up from the airport in Salt Lake.

Emily took me to a restaurant called Sammy's in Provo where I met up with some friends from San Diego, Caisa and Melanie. It is always so good to see those girls! We all got some really yummy milk shakes and loved catching up. Then I went with them to go watch Caisa's sister's water polo game.

That night there was a big Danville reunion at Brick Oven. Every year the Danville Stake President comes to Provo and invites anyone from the stake and I was so happy I was in town this time! There were so many people there and lots of food.

Jaicy and me at Brick Oven

Friday, April 1

For lunch on Friday, Jaicy, Melanie, Caisa and I went to Cafe Rio (a Provo fav).

I then went and met up with Emily and we headed over to Chelsea's house to meet her son Beck!! He is so adorable and Chelsea is already the perfect mom. It was so surreal, the three of us sitting in a house holding a baby that belongs to one of us. I still feel like we're 15 and should have been getting ready for a church dance.

Isn't he just adorable??
I just love him!

After our wonderful visit with Chelsea and Beck, we went shooting to celebrate Dustin's birthday! It was so crazy how different Utah is from California. We drove across the lake and literally pulled to the side of the road where there were quite a few groups shooting away at the hillsides just a few feet from the road. haha. It was pretty cool though!
Me, Lindsey, Erin and Emily. Love these ladies!

Neither of us had shot a gun before, so I was glad Lindsey was there to learn with me!

It was a little scary at first, but we got the hang of it. Someday I'll be as good as Emily. (She beat all of the boys in a shooting game!! Woo!!)

Once the sun was setting we drove back to Provo and had dinner at Outback. yummmmm.

Saturday, April 2

This was the day of Rachel's bridal shower! Jaicy and Mollie had spent hours planning and on Saturday we put it all together. We spent all day baking, running last minute errands, and trying to listen to General Conference. We made so much food. There were cookies, brownies, peanut butter bites, cheesecakes, cupcakes, spinach dip, fruit salad, and veggies.

The spread.

Jaicy and Mollie planned such a fun shower and a bunch of Rachel's friends were able to make it. We played some great games and ate as much sour dough bread as we could.

Some of the ladies at the shower.

After the shower, we were all exhausted from being in the kitchen all day. Jaicy, Rachel, Mollie and I sat on Jaicy's couch and had some great girl talk. I seriously love those girls. I am so happy for Rachel and Todd and can't wait for their amazing wedding in August!

Sunday morning we had breakfast and watched some of Conference before I had to head back to the airport. It was such a fun weekend with people I love! Also, a big thank you to Jaicy and Evrhet for letting me stay in their beautiful house one last time before they move.

It is always good to come back to my husband who I missed dearly though. Luckily I'll see these ladies again in less than a month for Alysse and Cody's wedding in San Francisco. Can't wait!