Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random Events

Here are some random events that we have had going on lately:

We took a weekend trip up to my parent's house. We all went on a hike at our favorite spot, Briones Regional Park.

Also while we were in the Bay Area, we had a wonderful meal over at the Robinson's house. Jeff and Dustin both got their hair done while we were there.

A big group of us went to a Galaxy playoff game. Here is Jeff looking really happy after the big win!

Last Friday Jeff surprised me at work with flowers just because! I had no idea he was coming and all of my coworkers were jealous. It was so sweet of him!

On Saturday we got to go to the LA Kings hockey game! My boss has really good season tickets and couldn't go to that game so he gave them to me. They were such great seats and we had a lot of fun!


We have had a great fall season this year! Despite the weather in Southern California being pretty different from your typical fall, we were still able to do a bunch of activities to get us into the fall spirit!

I was so excited to get to actually go to Lombardi Ranch with Jeff's family this year. Previous years, we have lived too far away and been too busy. I met up with everyone after work and it was a lot of fun. We walked around looking at the animals, decorations, and millions of pumpkins. Then a few of us took Ellie and Paige in the corn maze! It was pretty cool and the girls loved it! Afterwards we had Bill's famous chilli for dinner and it was so good as always. I am so glad we were able to make it this year for such a fun family tradition!

A few days before Halloween, we had some friends over to all carve pumpkins together. Jeff got really into his and spent four hours carving it. He was so proud of his work, he was showing it off to everyone. I must say, it did turn out pretty good!

Jeff working hard on his masterpiece.
 Jeff's Galaxy Pumpkin
My Happy Pumpkin

On Halloween we got to go Trick or Treating with Jackie and Claire. Claire was dressed as Elmo and she was so cute as she went from house to house. After about the first house she got the hang of it and this is exactly what she said to each person to answer a door:
"Trick or Treat! Thank you! Happy Halloween! I like your Elmo costume!"

followed by:
"Next house! Next house! Next house! Next house!..."

It was so cute and hilarious! She kept hearing everyone say they liked her Elmo costume, so she just kept saying the same thing back to everyone else! We had such a fun time with her.

Despite there being such warm weather at the beginning of the season, the cold has definitely kicked in recently just in time for Thanksgiving. Two weeks ago it hailed harder than I have ever seen. It was crazy and the hail stayed in the grass until the next morning!
Jeff and Jim under attack.

It looked like it snowed but it was all hail!

We have had a great fall this year! We moved in with Jeff's parents and this have been going great! We love the ward here. I found a new job that has been going really well. And Jeff is continuing on with his search for a job as a policeman.

Jeff's 28th Birthday

Jeff turned 28 back in September. To celebrate I made a yummy dinner and pie that he requested. We had a few friends come over and he blew out his candles.
A few days before his birthday I let him go pick out a brand new surf board!!

And on his birthday I surprised him with a Go Pro camera! This is a really cool camera that he attaches to his surf board so he can take videos of himself.

Here are some of the pictures we got from his Go Pro:

Pretty cool, huh?? Jeff loves watching himself in the videos over and over again. He thinks he really is a Pro Surfer now. I am excited because I actually can watch him surf and I don't have to go to the beach in the winter at 5:00am.

Overall, Jeff had a great birthday!