Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girls Camp

Girls camp is a week long camp that each stake of our church puts on every summer for all of the girls ages 12-18. I went every year when I was growing up and this year I had the chance to go back and bring my husband with me!

Jeff's mom is the Girls Camp extraordinaire. No seriously. She teaches Sunday School for adults. She isn't in Young Womens. But somehow she is basically in charge of Girls Camp. It is amazing. Anyways, she asked me to give a talk at their camp this year and asked Jeff to teach surf lessons so we were lucky enough to go for the entire week.

This Girls Camp was very different from the one I would go to growing up. There were a lot of little differences but the biggest one was that we were at the BEACH!!! How cool is that? They got these group campsites and all of the girls stayed in huge tents right next to the ocean.

I apologize but this is the only picture I took all week. Oops.

Every day we headed down to the beach. Jeff taught surf lessons and the girls LOVED IT. We all played capture the flag, went kayaking, and swam in the ocean. Every night we ate a delicious dinner and enjoyed some very entertaining and spiritual campfires.

Jeff and I had a great week. Jeff loved getting the inside scoop about what Girls Camp is really like. I loved getting to know the girls and reminiscing on my Girls Camp days. I was wishing the whole week that I was 16 again and having the time of my life with all of my friends. It feels like it was just yesterday that my friends and I were at Girls Camp. Time sure has flown but I am glad that I have opportunities to be a leader and example for those girls now.

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