Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Review

Last week Jeff had spring break. He continued to study hard all week leaving us more time to spend together on the weekend. It was so nice to have a whole weekend together doing such fun things!
  • Jeff and his brothers were supposed to go surfing Friday morning. Plans were changed when there was a tsunami warning and beaches were closed.
  • After being bummed about not going surfing, Jeff's brother got a phone call offering him two free tickets to go to a luncheon with the LA Galaxy soccer team. Suddenly Jeff was giddy again.
  • I drove down to Seal Beach around 1:30 where Angie (Johnny's wife) and I waited for the boys to get back from their lunch with the team.
  • We all went to the beach to have a picnic.
  • I snapped this picture to remind my sister how great the West Coast is. (She lives in Florida). (no tsunami in Seal Beach)

  • Went back to Johnny and Angie's.
  • Angie and I went to her friend's house for girls night and a dinner party.
  • Jeff and I decided to spend the night so that the boys could try surfing Saturday morning.
  • Saturday morning their surf wishes were granted.
  • Angie, Ellie, Paige and I headed to the animal shelter to look at the dogs. Ellie and Paige's dog wishes were not granted.
  • Got home Saturday afternoon. Jeff went to school for a few hours. I relaxed.
  • I'm surprised with a new skirt in the mail from my mom!

(Love it!)

  • Jeff and I went to dinner, got some ice cream and watched a movie together.
  • Sunday morning, we were late for church thanks to the time change and my alarm not going off. WOOPS.
  • Got there just in time for my new calling: NURSERY. (I actually think I am going to like it despite what I have heard from others)
  • Sunday night, dinner with our friends Mike and Lindsey and their cute girls Lily and Sophie.

It was such a nice weekend with family, friends, and each other. Now back to law school's slave and babysitting an 83 year old we go!

Is it summer yet?


  1. Oh Lauren... Annie and I are both in Nursery, too :) Must be a family thing :)

  2. hhaha i like that you're gonna be babysitting an 83 year old along with 2 year olds. i wish i could go to the beach!! soon enough. yay for living in california!!

  3. what a great weekend!! cannot wait to be married and do married things.