Monday, June 13, 2011


After reading the title of this post I'm sure you are assuming that Jeff is now a pro soccer player and pro surfer and that I am the next Pioneer Woman and going to star in a Broadway show. Well sorry to disappoint, but you are wrong.

I just wanted to post a quick update to let you know our small feats from the last few weeks.

Jeff finished his first year of law school. We don't know his grades yet, but just making it out alive is an accomplishment. He is now working for his dad for the summer and so far enjoying it.

I learned how to drive a stick! When Jeff hurt his left ankle, we were really in a pickle. Both of us could only drive my car so I had to quickly learn to drive his. Well I have made it to and from work for the last week now!

Jeff succesfully learned to cook some delicious steaks on a CHARCOAL grill.

On Friday we are leaving for a week long camping trip. Jeff and I have never camped without our families or other people planning everything for us before. We are starting to realize how much work is required. So after next week I'll let you know whether or not I can classify our trip as an accomplishment or not...

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