Thursday, June 16, 2011


Thanks to my friend, Defrisc, I am now hooked on the website I check everyday to see what neat crafts and cute ideas people around the creative blog world post. Most of my sewing projects have been from tutorials I have found on this website. I would highly recommend it!

I wanted to show you guys some cool things I found recently.

Ok, isn't this the coolest idea ever? Not something I would ever need, but I still think it is such a cool idea!!

This is something I would love to get (or maybe even make!) for my dad aka the record king of the world.

A letter for a kids room made out of crayons! Perfect!

Or buttons! So cute.

And the coolest thing ever! It is a map of the world where you scratch off all the places you travel to. I would love to own this and scratch off as much as I could some day. I love it!

Another post for another day... Ahhhmazing! Enjoy!


  1. yay gawker!!!! Also, I know your GORGEOUS wedding has passed, but there is also a weddinggawker that has lots of fun eye candy... and housegawker too. hahahaha I may be a bit obsessed...

  2. love it all! thanks for the tips! and thank you defrisc! i am obsessed.