Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mom's Visit

This last weekend my mom came down to visit us in Rancho Cucamonga. We moved here almost a year ago and she was the only one left in my family who hadn't seen our place. She flew in Friday afternoon and left Sunday morning. It was a short trip but it was great to see her again and show her our first apartment together!

On Friday night we went to another Galaxy game with Jeff's family. This time it was Military Appreciation Night. We all went to support Johnny as they introduced him as a member of the Coast Guard in front of all the fans before the game started. My mom loved getting to see most of Jeff's family again and playing with our nieces.
Me and My Mom.
 Aunt Lauren.
 Claire Bear.
 Elle Belle.
The Thompson Men.
 Silly Girls.

On Saturday my mom spoiled us like crazy! We went on a shopping spree and got a patio set, BBQ and some stuff we needed for our upcoming camping trip. A BIG thank you goes to my mom!! It was such a fun day picking stuff out then setting it all up. Then my mom and Jeff came to watch my soccer game. (Jeff and I play on a coed team but a few weeks ago Jeff rolled his ankle and is still recovering. I feel so bad for him!) After the game, we came back and made delicious kabobs on the new BBQ. It was another great day!

We loved having my mom visit!! Thanks so much for coming! We love you!

PS-- This week I made these seat cushions to put on the chairs of our new patio set! I love them!


  1. You are soo domestic! Adorable cushions. And sounds like so much fun with your mom, it's crazy how nice it is to be spoiled once in a while after being married. Crazy how you never seem to appreciate it as much before then :] XO

  2. those cushions are super cute!! where do you keep finding all your ideas? i just made a subway art canvas thing for beck and im a little embarassed because they are so messy! but its so fun to actually feel crafty! and i completely agree with jaic...getting spoiled now is so much nicer. i almost feel bad because we get so much! family really is the greatest! what would we do without them!?

  3. Lauren! You are so crafty!! Also, what a fun weekend with your mom!!