Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big Sur Birthday

For Memorial Day weekend we headed to Big Sur with my parents and the Hudson family for some camping fun and I turned 23 while we were there! It was such a great weekend that I don't want to forget, so here's a recap:

Wednesday May 25th: Jeff and I went to the Galaxy game. We had great seats, got free hats, a free blanket and the Galaxy won! Jeff was so excited to finally get to go to a game since he hadn't been to one yet this season.

Thursday May 26: After spending the night at Jeff's parent's house, we drove up to mine. That night we went to dinner in the city with the Seelys and the Allens. It was so good to get dinner with some of San Francisco's newest residents who also happen to be some of our best friends!

Friday May 27: We got Domenico's with Jaicy and Courtney, went over to see my grandparents, went out to Chinese with my parents and grandparents, and played games with my cousin. Another great day!

Saturday May 28: We packed up the cars and left for Big Sur. Our first stop was in Carmel for lunch. My family has always gone to a restaurant called Flaherty's for their clam chowder every time we go to Big Sur. It is great food and I love walking around Carmel! Then we got to Big Sur, set up camp, and just as we were done putting up tents it started raining. The rest of the night we sat around the fire trying to keep dry.

Sunday May 29: My birthday!! We woke up to a little rain, but it quickly stopped. Meghan and Aaron made all of us a delicious pancake breakfast. Then Jeff, my mom and I headed to the beach. It was really windy and kind of crowded but since Jeff had never been to Big Sur, I had to take him. It was beautiful though and Jeff even got in the FREEZING cold water.

That afternoon the birthday festivities began. My mom, Meghan and Dee were so nice to plan such fun events to celebrate my birthday! We played some telephone pictionary, busted open a soccer ball pinata, did a scavenger hunt, opened presents and even decorated crowns. That night my dad made some of his famous tritip and it did not dissappoint. It was an all around GREAT birthday!

 This picture is an attempt at a recreating a picture we took at Big Sur when we were kids and we had a soccer ball pinata. After the fun of the pinata, Melanie and Christine put it on their heads and took the cutest picture. Melanie had to take the picture solo this time, but hopefully next year Christine will be there too.

This last picture is one that Jeff made me take of his beard. All he wanted to talk about all weekend was his beard and how great it looked. (He mostly wanted to talk about it because I didn't think it looked so great). Side note: It's gone now.

Monday May 30: After breakfast, we packed up our things and headed out. Jeff and I followed Meghan and Aaron down Highway 1 but since part of it was closed, we had to take this random unmarked road to cut across to the 101. It was such a pretty drive but very long and windy.

We finally made it home at 8:00 Monday night. Jeff and I both love camping and it was so much fun using all of our new stuff that we got for our wedding. We can't wait to use it all again a few more times this summer!

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