Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July

For the Fourth of July we headed up to Jeff's parent's house for the annual Thompson Fourth of July party. There was swimming. There was delicious food. There was fireworks. Perfect. The Fourth of July is easily my favorite holiday because I love any excuse for these backyards activities.
I made these sugar cookies and some red white and blue cupcakes for the party.

Since we were swimming and eating all day I only got pictures of the fireworks that night.
 Across the street people were shooting off amazing fire works. They must have spent a fortune because it seemed so professional! That was fine with us because we got to see a great show!
 Jeff and I had bought a bunch of fireworks while we were in Arizona and Adam bought even more. The boys had the time of their lives shooting them all off in the street.
 I stuck to the sparklers.

 Even Claire got to try a sparkler! She did so well and I think she enjoyed them! (She definitely didn't enjoy the big ones the boys were shooting off).
After all of our fireworks were gone, we went into the backyard to see what other shows were going on. The Thompson's backyard has a view of all of Santa Clarita and we could see fireworks going off in every direction. It was pretty cool!

We had a great day celebrating the beginning of this country with family and friends! 

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