Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Slide Rock State Park

Once we left the Grand Canyon, we were headed for Mesa, Arizona. Jeff's friend David that we were staying with wasn't going to be off work until later in the day so we decided to take our time as we drove down.

We stopped in Flagstaff and had a nice lunch. Then we decided to take a minor detour and go to Sedona. The drive to Sedona was so pretty! We drove through a beautiful forest and we noticed lots of cool campgrounds along a river.

Then, just north of Sedona we saw a bunch of people pulling over to the side of the road and getting in swimsuits. It was 100 degrees outside so we were intrigued. We drove a little further to find a sign and parking lot for Slide Rock State Park. There were a lot of cars waiting to pay to get into the parking lot and we didn't want to have to pay. We turned around and found the last parking spot on the side of the road. We still weren't sure what Slide Rock State Park was, but if it included swimming we were fine with that! We put on our swimsuits and hiked down to where all the people were going.

Once we were able to see, we saw this:
There were tons of people swimming in the river and we couldn't wait to go check it out!

Well, the state park really stuck to its name. There were small parts of the river that had formed natural rock slides. There must have been hundreds of people enjoying the natural waterpark, so we joined in on the fun. The water was the perfect temperature and we had a blast sliding around. We would definitely recommend this park to anyone that is going to be in Arizona!

As we drove through Sedona after our refreshing swim, we wished that we had camped there one night instead of spending so much time at the Grand Canyon.

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