Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grand Canyon National Park

At 4:00 in the morning on Tuesday June 20 Jeff and I were both awake in our tent in Zion National Park. Since we had to make the 5 hour drive to the Grand Canyon and make sure to get a campsite, we decided to get up and go. The drive was really pretty... according to Jeff. I slept the entire time, while Jeff took pictures and video of himself to stay awake. He even stopped at some cave dwellings and walked around by himself. He was very sad that I was not awake at 5 in the morning to enjoy this awesome drive with him!

Anyways, we got to the Grand Canyon very early and had no trouble at all getting a campsite. So much for leaving so early. Oh well!

We set up camp and went over to see the canyon. We were staying at Desert View Campground so we looked at the view down there before driving into Grand Canyon Village. We climbed the watch tower and took it all in.

 These are cool pictures that we took through the telescope in the watchtower.

We headed over to Grand Canyon Village where we walked around, took in the views and then enjoyed lunch followed by some ice cream. Then we rode in a shuttle to see a few more views.

We began to realize that there was nothing else for us to do besides go to various lookouts to take pictures. Sure, there were plenty of hikes we could go on but after all the hiking we did in Utah it didn't sound intriguing. All of the other things we wanted to do like a mule ride, rafting trip, and helicoptor ride were far too expensive.

So after taking A LOT of pictures at A LOT of viewpoints, we decided it was finally time to take a shower. It has never felt so good to be clean. We then headed back to camp, made dinner and relaxed. At sunset, we headed over to see the view again.

On Wednesday, we did a little looking around at the visitor's center then rented bikes. We rode the bikes to yet another viewpoint and took pictures. It was nice to be a little active again though.

Can you tell we were getting bored? I feel guilty saying it, but we were.

That afternoon we went into the city of Tusayan and watched the US soccer game. We then headed back, made dinner and decided that in the morning we would pack up and cut our trip to the Grand Canyon a day short.

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  1. Camping just the two of you?! Wow! You are too cute! We need to go on a couples camping trip! Or you guys should come out here to Costa Rica!! We miss you!