Monday, July 11, 2011

PJ and Courtney's Wedding

On Wednesday July 6 we headed up to the Bay Area so that we could attend PJ and Courtney's wedding and all of their festivities. It was a busy weekend but as always, we had the best time ever! I love any chance I get to be reunited with my friends!

On Thursday there was a BBQ for friends of the bride and groom at Hap Magee Park. We had burgers and got to all catch up with each other.
All of the girls at the BBQ.

Right after the BBQ, we headed to the Sellands' for a PJ Party. We all surprised Courtney by getting into our PJs and making her do the same! Jaicy made Courtney a cute shirt that had a picture of PJ and said "my new bedtime buddy." We all lounged on the floor, did each other's hair, made friendship bracelets, talked about PJ, drank root beer floats, and then watched a slideshow that I made for Courtney. It was a great night!

Friday morning we had a bridal shower brunch for Court. Jaicy made THE MOST DELICIOUS BREAKFAST, read us a letter from PJ to Courtney and then Courtney opened her presents. I loved having so much girl time!

This has nothing to do with the wedding, but that afternoon we went swimming at Kim's house. Kim is terrified of lizards of any kind and of course when we got in the pool we found a HUGE lizard/iguana/dinosaur. We had never seen anything like it in California and it could very possibly be a runaway pet. It was hilarious because even after Jeff took it out of the pool, it kept hanging out on the lawn nearby. Kim kept an eye on it the whole time to make sure it didn't attack. We are still wondering what the heck it was!

Saturday July 9th was the big day! Courtney and PJ had been waiting for this day since December and it certainly didn't disappoint! In the morning we went to the Oakland Temple for their sealing. PJ's grandpa was able to seal them and it was beautiful. Afterwards we took pictures at the temple and congratulated the newlyweds.

Jeff, Emily, Dustin, Katie, Kim, Ben and I went to High Tech Burrito to grab a quick lunch then went to help set up for the reception.

Their reception was at the old one room school house on the outskirts of Danville. Most of us hadn't been there since elementary school field trips.

My grandma even found this old picture of Courtney and I at the school house on our field trip in either 2nd or 3rd grade! Little did she know then that her wedding would be right there 15 years later!

The location was so beautiful and the O'Connors and Andersens put together an AMAZING reception with all of the cutest details. We set up all of the pennant flags, flowers, food tables, drink tables, dessert station, kids area, and made sure everything was perfect for when the bride and groom arrived. Everything looked flawless!

 Such a cute idea! A board to post when you met Courtney and PJ.
They even used a school bus as a shuttle to get people to the school house!

They had a beautiful ring ceremony conducted by the singles ward bishop.

 Then the fun began! We ate delicious food, watched them cut the cake and dance for the first time as husband and wife, and then we were on the dance floor for the rest of the night. Exactly how a wedding should be. It was perfect!
 YUM. Domenicos.

They even bought a real bird for this cute bird cage!
I am SO SO SO happy for Courtney and PJ. I am so glad they found each other and decided to get married. It worked out so perfectly and I know they will continue to be a perfect match for the rest of eternity!

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  1. looks good. good thing they had us for help! loved it all.